History of the Costalomo outcrop

Costalomo. Footprints of Atila in reliefGeneral view of the tracks of Costalomo Marking the printsMeasuring the printsPaleontologists analysing the prints

FOTOFotomontaje de un Iguanodon en Costalomo

Fotomontaje de un Iguanodon en Costalomo

The Tenadas de Costalomo outcrop has been known for years and several scientific publications have been written, most trying to explain the unusual, positive relief of the dinosaur footprints.

The summer excavations of 2003 uncovered about 20 footprints of an Iguanodon (herbivorous dinosaur) and tracks of other carnivorous dinosaurs. Strangely, as well as tracks with positive relief, there also occurs a track that is impressed into the rock.

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