The Foundation Objectives

There are seven points that describe the main Foundation purposes

1.     To collaborate with Salas de los Infantes Council and the various organisations to act, administrate and maintain the updating of collections and exhibitions of the Dinosaurs Museum in Salas de los Infantes and its premises.

2.       To collaborate with the promotion of tourism to emphasise the palaeontology-archaeological sites, specially the Dinosaurs Museum in Salas de los Infantes, its Dinosaurs routes, to analyse the visitors fluency, its load capability, to evaluate the economic impact and repercussions, to inform the Local and Regional organisations of any incident that might occur.

3.       To encourage the support of these disciplines to educational centres locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

4.       To cooperate with all public and private institutions and all the various actions carried out in the Palaeontology field.  Informing about the correct intervention on these sites and places of interest.

5.       Seeking in general the participation in all acts directed to improve the conditions and preservation of this ‘Castellano-Leones’ Palaeontology and Archaeological heritage.

6.       To promote the scientific and teaching study of its researchers and every one who might visit theme museums and also who might be guides of these various archaeological sites.

7.       To promote the creation and consolidation of a scientific team within the organic structure of the Museum of Dinosaurs in Salas de los Infantes.