9th Symposium about Dinosaurs Palaeontology and their Environment 2022 (September 2022)

First circular


The Colectivo Arqueológico y Paleontológico Salense, (C.A.S.) and the Museo de Dinosaurios de Salas de los Infantes announce the celebration of the 9th Symposium about Dinosaurs Palaeontology and their Environment, in Salas de los Infantes (Burgos, Spain) on september 8-10th, 2022. The symposium will be held in the Auditorium Theatre of Salas de los Infantes. Together with the above-mentioned institutions, the University of Zaragoza, the University of the Basque Country (EHU) the University of Salamanca and the Foundation for the Study of Dinosaurs in Castilla and Leon (Dinosaurs Foundation CyL) participate in the organization of this symposium.

The main objective of this symposium is the presentation and discussion of recent advances on dinosaur palaeontology, new research technologies and everything related to Mesozoic ecosystems in which they inhabited. To accomplish this objective, 8 national and international keynote speakers have been selected among the best Mesozoic palaeontologists, keynote lectures will alternate with sessions of oral communications and posters. In addition, a field trip around geological and palaeontological sites in the Salas area is planned.

The organizing committee will give two grants to the best oral and poster presentations of predoctoral researchers.

The official languages will be:

- Abstracts: English and Spanish.
- Oral presentations: Spanish, English and French.
- Posters: Spanish and English.


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