8th Symposium about Dinosaur Palaeontology and their Environment 2019

Second circular


The topics discussed at the Congress are:

-Footprints, bones and fossil eggs of dinosaurs.

- Mesozoic flora.

-Contemporary dinosaur animals: vertebrates and invertebrates.

-The Mesozoic ecosystems: Their evolution and crisis.

- New technologies applied to the palaeontological research (Mesozoic).

-Conservation and restoration of paleontological sites and fossil pieces.

-Palaeontological research and educational applications.

-Management and enhancement of the paleontological heritage related to the environment of dinosaurs.  


The oral and poster presentations will take place in the Teatro Auditorio Gran Casino (Calle Jesús Aparicio s/n, Salas de los Infantes, Burgos).  


5th Thursday Morning


9:00 Presentation of Symposium.

Keynote 1

Coffee Break

Oral presentations

Keynote 2

14:00 Lunchtime Evening

16:00 Keynote 3  

Oral presentations. Posters.

Coffee Break

Keynote 4

Oral presentations. Posters.  

6th Friday Morning

9:00 Keynote 5

Coffee Break

Oral presentations. Posters.

Keynote 6

14:00 Lunchtime Evening

16:00 Keynote7  

Oral presentations. Posters.

Coffee Break

Keynote 8 Round table  

7th Saturday Morning,



Dr. Steve Brussate. University of Edinburgh (Reino Unido). Título: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs.

Dr. Diego Castanera. Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (España). Título: Dinosaur footprints across the Jurassic-Cretaceous interval in Europe: faunal changes and palaeoecology.  

Dr. Matthew Herne. Queensland University of Technology (Australia). Título: Eastern Gondwanan ornithopods, an update on their diversity, relationships and environments.

Dra. Elisabete Malafaia. Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal). Título: The fossil record of theropod dinosaurs from the Iberian Upper Jurassic.

Dr. Attila Ősi. Eötvös Loránd University (Hungría). Título: A Santonian (85 Ma) continental vertebrate fauna in the western Tethyan Archipelago.

Dr. Martin Sander. University of Bonn (Alemania). Provisional title: Body size evolution in sauropods

Dr. Luis Miguel Sender. Chuo University (Japón). Título: Flora del Cretácico inferior de la Península Ibérica.

Dra. Angélica Torices. Universidad de La Rioja (España). Título: Nuevas tecnologías en paleoicnología.  



For online registration: http://dinosaurioscyl.blogspot.com

Deadline for reduced registration fee is July, 5st 2019. The registration fees are:

Before July, 5th 2019

Normal: 75 €.

Students / PhD: 40 €

After July, 5st 2019

Normal 100 €

Students: 75 €

Preferred payment method, Bank transfer.

Bank name:

BANCO POPULAR: ES42 0075 5752 3907 0018 9731

Together with proof of payment, we will need a copy of the registration form to: caspaleontologia@gmail.com

Cash payment is also possible in the symposium secretary during the participants reception.


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