Winners and selected works of the X International Competition of Scientific Illustrations of Dinosaurs 2018


The prizes awarded were as follows:


1st PRIZE: Sunrise in Las Hoyas. Author. Hugo Salais López (Spain). This scene is located in the wetland of Las Hoyas. It focuses on two specimens of the ornithomimosaur Pelecanimimus polyodon, a male and a female, highlighting a possible sexual dimorphism in the species. This dimorphism would be evident not only in the coloration and the arrangement of the body coverage (filamentous protoplumas), but also in the size and coloration of the gular pouch, a structure that has been proposed for Pelecanimimus based on the tegumentary impressions found in the fossil of holotype 1. In addition to these, the scene depicts several specimens of the enantiornitid birds Eoalulavis hoyasi and Concornis lacustris and the amphibian albanerpetóntido Celtedens ibericus (captured by one of the Pelecanimimus) 2. Regarding the flora, the shrub conifer Frenelopsis ugnaensis appears in the foreground and in the background the arborescent fern Weichselia reticulata2.

2nd PRIZE: DEINOCHEIRUS MIRIFICUS FAMILY vs TARBOSAURUS BATAAR - Nemeqt Formation - Mongolia. Author: Franco Tempesta (Italy). A female of Deinocheirus mirificus protects the escape of its chicks from the imminent attack of a Tarbosaurus bataar.

3rd PRIZE: Lythronax vs Diabloceratops. Author: Sergey Krasovskiy (Ukraine). The painting represents representatives of the Wahweap formation. A pair of Diabloceratops defends against the Tyrannosaurus Lythronax. In the background is the Acrossaurus Acristavus. In 2010, a unique fossil trail from Wahweap was discovered that indicates a predator-prey relationship between dinosaurs and primitive mammals. The fossil trail includes at least two complexes of dens of fossilized mammals, as well as the associated excavation grooves, presumably caused by a manirotor dinosaur (represented on the front edge of the image).

It is the only contest of these characteristics held in Spain. Its quality is based on the jury that values the works presented; On this occasion, it was formed by a team of 6 specialists of different nationalities:

- David Bonadonna (Italy), Carlos Papolio (Argentina), Robert Nicholls (United Kingdom), all paleoilustrators.

- Xabier Pereda (University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU) and Alberto Cobos (Joint Paleontological Foundation of Teruel-Dinópolis), paleontologists specialized in dinosaurs.

- Diego Montero, member of the Scientific Committee of the Dinosaur Museum of Salas de los Infantes (Spain).


Trabajos seleccionados del X Concurso Internacional de Ilustraciones Científicas de Dinosaurios 2018: