Dinosaur sites in the Sierra de la Demanda


A walk through the province

Every Thursday evening (23.30), 'A walk through the province' with Gerardo de Mateo. The 8 Burgos (rtvcyl) invites you to know different corners of the province of Burgos, with interviews to its people and reports on the street as the axis of this space that shows the geography, traditions, culture and society of the province of Burgos.

On this occasion, the editor and conductor of the program, Gerardo Mateo, moves to the Museum of Dinosaurs to know firsthand the museum Salense and the latest developments of this (the dinosaur species found in the Sierra de la Demanda), to chat With Fidel Torcida, director of the Museum of Dinosaurs of Salas de los Infantes (Burgos), and then moving to the nearby sites of Las Sereas 7 (Quintanilla de las Viñas) and La Pedraja (Mambrillas de Lara), to talk to Pedro Huerta Professor of the University of Salamanca and member of the scientific team of the Museum of Dinosaurs of Salas de los Infantes) of the iconic megayacimiento that extends along 5 km between these two municipalities of Land of Lara.

The program was recorded in the month of July, in the middle of the campaign of dinosaur excavations of the Sierra de la Demanda that took place in the municipality of Torrelara.


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