The Foundation for the study of the dinosaurs in Castile and León summons III International contest of scientific illustrations of dinosaurs, 2011



Can participate any person, Spanish or of any nationality, regardless of age.



The main theme are illustrations of dinosaurs. They can depict animals on their natural environment or as original fossilis.


The illustrations can be in color or black and white.


 Originals and unpublished (they will be eliminated those which are not) and they will be accompanied with the personal information of the author.


The illustrations should be sent in digital format to any of the following addresses:






The minimum definition for the images will be 300dpi.


The works can be sent February 1st  till the 31st  of May, 2011.


The works will be selected for their scientific accuracy, quality and the techniques used.


The jury will be:


John Sibbick, Raúl Martín, Carlos Papolio, Mauricio Antón, Mark Hallett, All Paleoilustrators.

José Ignacio Ruiz Omeñaca, Paleontologist from the Jurasic Museum of Asturias.

Fidel Torcida Fernández-Baldor Director of the Museum of Dinosaurs of Salas de los Infantes.


The jury’s decision will be made public the 20th  of June, 2011 through the Web of the Foundation.


There will be three prizes:


1st Place: 600€ and Diploma


2nd Place: 450€ and Diploma


3rd Place: 300€ and Diploma


The jury may give several awards for especial mention, valued at 50€.


See complete rules and regulations and Dinosaurs of Burgos here:




Documentación: fi1Rules and regulations III International Contest of scientific illustrations of dinosaurs, 2011.pdf

Documentación: Dinosaurs of Burgos